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Silk road caterpillar

Exhibition in relation to INDIA WEEK Hamburg:
"The Indian Tree of Life and its Mystery"

Exhibition of a series of oilpaintings including 8 paintings by Ulf Ludzuweit. The Finissage is on the 21th of November at 18 h at "Alte Druckerei Ottensen", Bahrenfelder Str. 73d, 22765 Hamburg. Exhibition in cooperation with INDIA WEEK Hamburg and "Sponsorship Community for Children in India e.V.". In a short lecture, the chairwoman, Ulrike Lorenzen, gave insights into the work of the sponsorship community and reports about India at the exhibition opening. Supported by the authority of culture and media Hamburg


The "Eurasian Figure" exists as a female and a male design. This sculpture has two origins: One is the Chinese character “REN" ( = human being); the other origin is from the European middle age. Painters like Hieronymus Bosch used such "head leg figures" in a lot of different ways in their paintings as a symbol for the change of the european middle age society into a new society with science and human values.

Signpost indicating network: Using the "Eurasian Figure" as a guiding system will create a unique artwork, which has a real function. The direction the sculpture is "walking" you have to walk as an pedestrian to reach a determined place in urban space for example in new erected borrows in the growing cities worldwide.

Wave Mountains

Series of paintings in different technics on canvas

Exhibition impressions